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Motion Controller Firmware

Monoprice may tell you that you have voided your warranty if you attempt to or successfully update the firmware.

Motion Controller Firmware Update Procedure and Download

Motion Controller firmware has been temporarily removed.
Too many people experiencing incomplete firmware updates which leave the printer non-functional. The fix is to use a microSD card that the printer accepts.

  1. Right click the microSD card drive and then left click Format
  2. Click the File system dropdown and select FAT32
  3. Click the Allocation unit size dropdown and select 512 bytes
  4. You can leave the Volume label field alone or rename if you wish
  5. Under Format options, uncheck the Quick Format box. It is best to perform a full format to scan the card for bad sectors. NOTE: I have had some memory cards not allow me to perform a full format leaving no choice but to leave the Quick - Format box checked.
  6. Click Start and a WARNING window/box will pop up letting you know all data will be erased from the card. Click OK to proceed or Cancel if you need to copy the files from the card to the computer.
  7. The formatting process begins. A full format will probably take a minute or two. A quick format should only take a few seconds to complete.
  8. When the Format Complete box appears, click OK. Then click Close

Actual Motion Controller Firmware Update Procedure

  1. Download the zip file and extract the contents.
  2. Copy the firmware.bin and fcupdate.flg files onto the root of the microSD card.
  3. Right click the microSD card drive and then left click Eject. Remove the card.
  4. With the printer powered down, insert the card into the microSD card slot.
  5. Power up the MP Mini Delta. Updating begins:
    1. “MP” boot logo will be displayed briefly.
    2. The quick access LED will be white and blinking, indicating that the update procedure has started.
  6. If the quick access LED doesn't start blinking within a 1 or 2 seconds power cycle the MP Mini Delta. This may have to be done a few times.
  7. When the updating procedure is complete, which takes less than 10 seconds, two things will happen simultaneously.
    1. LED stops blinking
    2. Firmware versions are displayed
  8. Power down MP Mini Delta and remove the microSD card.
  9. Delete the firmware.bin and fcupdate.flg files from the microSD card.
    1. You may wish to reformat the microSD card to restore it back to its default formatting. Follow the steps above but instead of choosing the File system and allocation unit size, click Restore device defaults. You can leave the Quick Format box checked.
  10. Copy the microSD cards original files back onto the card if you wish
  11. Right click the microSD card drive and then left click Eject. Remove the card.
  12. Insert the microSD card into the MP Mini Delta and the update process is complete.

Updating Monoprice MP Mini Delta Motion Controller Firmware
A much longer than necessary video but it shows the complete steps needed to successfully update the Motion Controller firmware using the included microSD card on the first try.
YouTube link:

Optional Steps to Restore the Default Firmware Settings

  1. Restore default firmware settings using M502 and save the settings to EEPROM using M500
    Do you need help on how to send these commands? See Sending G-code

Did the Update Fail?

  • Try formatting the microSD card with
    • File system: FAT32
    • Cluster/Allocation unit size: 512 bytes
  • Try another microSD card that is 4GB or less.
  • The printer can be picky at which cards it will update from so try a few cards.
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