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UI Assets Update

Use this only if the display is jumbled or has tiny-colored-pixelation in some areas where the icons and/or text should be.

UI Controller Assets Update Process

  1. Download the firmware from the link below and extract the contents.
    1. There may be two files, lcdm.bin and ui.bin. We will be using ui.bin.
  2. Open a web browser and using the IP address displayed on the printers display, input http://printers.ip.address/up eg:
  3. Click on the second “Browse” button (directly across from the “Upload UI” button).
  4. Browse to the location where ui.bin was saved and select the file. Click “Upload UI”. DO NOT UPLOAD lcdm.bin.
    1. The printers display will remain unchanged during this process i.e., there will be no indication that something is happening.
    2. The web browser's status bar may display something similar to “Sending request to…” and then “Waiting for…”
  5. “OK” will be displayed in the browser's window when the updating process is complete.
  6. Either navigate to a different menu from the printers display or turn the printer off and on for the changes to be noticed.

Corrupt UI Examples

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