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UI Controller Firmware

Monoprice may tell you that you have voided your warranty if you attempt to or successfully update the firmware.

Note: If you have trouble updating, please format microSD card or use another microSD card and try again. Try a microSD card that is 4GB or less formatted with FAT. The printer can be picky at which cards it will update from so try a few cards.

LCD/UI Controller Firmware Update Procedure

  1. Download the firmware and extract the contents.
  2. Copy lcdm.bin to the microSD card.
  3. Power off and move all three arms to the top, triggering all three endstops
    1. There will not be any audible indication, i.e., no click
  4. Press and hold OK/middle button on LCD/control panel and any one or more bed switch(s).
  5. Power on the Mini Delta. After about 2-5 seconds The LCD should be all black, fan will turn on, and the quick access button/LED will be white.
    1. When the fan turns on you may release the middle button and the bed switch.
  6. Wait about 2 minutes for the update to complete.
    1. The UI will be displayed when the update has completed.
  7. Turn the printer off and on to check that the UI has been updated.
  8. It is best that you remove the lcdm.bin file from the microSD card. (I have noticed the UI not to boot sometimes when the lcdm.bin is left on the microSD card.
  9. If the the display has jumbled or tiny-colored-pixelation in some areas where the icons should be, proceed to UI Controller Assets Update Process.

(Updated: 2017-Aug-6)
(Created: 2017-Jun-11)

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