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Power Jack / Barrel Connector

The part being referenced here is the power jack located on the mainboard. I believe it is considered the male half but I have seen some sites such as SparkFun and a manufacturer Gravitech refer to it as the female half so using gender to refer to which half it is may not be the best idea.

The jack located on the mainboard has a center pin that is 2.5mm and the outer opening (not sure what this part would be called) is between approximately 6.1mm and 6.5mm.

Using this pre-filtered list on should help you locate an replacement jack. Please use your mainboard as a reference to compare with the datasheets linked on each of the product pages. At this time I have not purchased any replacement jack from this list. This is only being provided to help guide you towards located a replacement if one is needed. GigDigit will look into keeping a few replacements in stock but for now there is this list.

For information about the plug/cord side connector see the Power Supply page.

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