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Looking for the Malyan M200 3D Printer Site?

Writing /home/malyanus/ failed


MP 3D Printer WiFi Connect for Android is located here.

Connecting to WiFi

  1. Download the .apk file 3dcraft from
    • located in the folders “Software - Android & Windows Apps” then “Android App - Malyan 3D Craft”
  2. Disconnect USB cable from the printer
  3. Open the Android application while connected to the wireless network you wish to connect the printer to.
  4. Tap the hamburger menu icon in the upper left and the tap “Config Wifi”
  5. Verify the correct SSID is listed.
  6. Enter wireless network password.
  7. Use the printers LCD to navigate to the “Move” menu.
  8. Press and hold the dial button.
  9. Release the button when the “Smart config started” message is displayed.
    • If the smart config message does not stay after releasing the button you can hold the button down through the whole process and the message will disappear once the WiFi is connected.
  10. Tap the “Connect” button and wait for the success or failed message appears on the device. If successful the printer's display will show the message “Smart config success” for a couple of seconds.

This method does work for configuring open system WiFi networks with no password.
After doing all the steps below the printer doesn't connect to WiFi, try “updating” to UI/LCD firmware version 34. After flashing version 34, the display will show that it is version 33. They forgot to increment the version number. Going back to version 34 helped with my printer received 2016-05-27 but one received 2016-09-02 didn't matter. On my printer received 2016-05-27, UI firmware version 34 is the only version that the smart config dialog stay up after releasing the button.

Malyan M200 WiFi Config


  • WiFi and USB cannot access simultaneously.
  • Disconnect USB cable from the printer if you want to use the WiFi function.
  • WiFi works with 2.4 GHz b/g/n networks only.
  • These next two notes apply to when connecting using the Android & iOS apps.
    1. If you have a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network using the same SSID(wireless network name) you may have trouble connecting the printer.
    2. For initial WiFi setup try moving the printer closer to the WiFi router.

Forget Network

  1. Perform the same steps to setup WiFi but use an incorrect password
  2. The process is complete when:
    1. The printer's LCD will display “Smart config success” when the process is complete.
    2. The phone will either not show any message and time out or will show a “Mission failed” message after a minute or so.
    3. You will also notice the Mini Delta no longer has an IP Address displayed at the top of the printer's display. It should say no connection.
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